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New Cartoon Bundle – Poop and Dookie!

yeah, I know, a bit gross, but we all do it, in all forms, so we might as well have a laugh about it! What’s your favourite name for it? Poo, poop, dookie, turd… I wont go into the ruder ones!

Bundle available to buy at Design Bundles! and on special offer at the moment!


Random Cartoon – A Bucket of Tribbles!

Who didn’t love the Tribbles in Star Trek? Ok ok, and Deep Space Nine. These were my favourite alien as a child, mind you I loved guinea pigs and Ewoks too… Seeing a theme there maybe! Anyway, here’s a bucket of them! Don’t pick it up if you’re a Romulan!


ETSY SALE! 10% of ALL Collections In JULY!

I’m having a 10% sale off EVERYTHING in my Etsy store for the whole of July! Lots of instant downloads of monsters, planets, fishes, poo…!! Cartoon fun for all projects! Grab yourself a ruddy bargain at
Keeps scrolling for more collections!