Slimy Slugs Cartoon Character Bundle!

I’ve had a lot of fun sketching these slimy little slug characters. They all look pretty chilled out and enjoying the weather! Created in Procreate and available on transparant backgrounds. Which one is your favorite?
Available on ETSY (HERE) and DESIGN BUNDLE (HERE) now! PNGs, SVGs, EPS, JPGs versions of these colourful slimy slimers! Calling all crafters and designers! Grab yourself a bargain, August 10% sale on Etsy and 50% off at Design Bundle!

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Jelly Boletta – Can Can! (Cartoon Monday)

How can you deny the beauty of Jelly Boletta? Her graceful legs, dagger emerald green eyes, and that wobbly… Well… She wobbles all over! Currently employed at the Molin Splooge as their top Can-Can dancer. Loves, cigarettes, money and fame.

Thought I’d start making funny characters with some weird back stories just for the giggle of it! We all need a laugh, and if I get someone else to laugh too then it’s a bonus. I just love making these cartoons.